COVID-19 Concert Update

Dear Valued Supporters of the Rock Hill Symphony Orchestra,

      It is our hope that this message finds you and those you love safe and well. As the current pandemic continues to give rise to havoc and destruction with little sign of abating in our area, our Board has had to face the grim reality that we will be unable to offer the final Masterworks Concert for Season II on May 23rd at South Pointe High School Auditorium. Please know it is with great reluctance, respect and compassion for our audience, sponsors, talented musicians, volunteers and staff that our Board has made the unanimous decision to cancel the Season’s final performance. Given that we are all uncertain as to what conditions will be like in late May, to do otherwise would be irresponsible. As we unite to fight the spread of this highly contagious disease, it is important that we remain compliant with all guidelines and policies while celebrating the musical accomplishments of our very own Rock Hill Symphony Orchestra.

      Moving forward on a positive note, we are putting the finishing touches on an exciting Season III, with wonderful soloists and another Holiday Concert. In the coming weeks we will announce the dates and specifics of this new season, but we will share a little secret with you…….. (The Opening Concert for Season III is Saturday, September 12th! So mark your calendars and circle this date!) 

      We are all looking forward to the end of this time alone when we can be together again as communities-and for us, to be reunited as the musical community of Rock Hill and York County. So, it is our hope that you take the opportunity during this quiet time to listen to music that you love and to explore the universe of classical music that you may not have discovered yet. In the words of the poet Robert Browning, “Who hears music, feels his solitude peopled at once.” Music truly is the universal language that unites us all. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to continue bringing you quality musical experiences! 

Stay safe, stay well, and stay connected.

With warmest regards,

David Rudge    

Music Director 

Sarah Lynn Hayes

President, Board of Directors

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